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Publishing your research with Elsevier [2016-08-23]
A method to describe a proto-neutron star with its corresponding neutron star [2016-08-19]
Particle-vibration coupling effects on Gamow-Teller response and beta decay [2016-08-18]
The shape of (new) physics in B decays [2016-08-16]
Classification of 4d N=2 SCFT [2016-08-08]
Multiple Fibrations in CY Geometry and String Dualities [2016-08-08]
The Gravitational Wave Astronomy Era From the first detection on Earth to space observatories [2016-08-03]
Understanding Complex Systems: Network and Dynamics [2016-08-01]
不对称核物质、奇特核结构和中子俘获反应的微观理论研究 [2016-07-29]
纪念唐山大地震四十周年: 地震原理新论-兼驳地震不可预测论 [2016-07-27]
Top-philic Scalar Dark Matter with a Vector-like Fermionic Top Partner [2016-07-25]
An Introduction to ResBos Physics [2016-07-25]
Exploration of Parameter Redundancy and Compression in Deep Neural Networks [2016-07-22]
Climate network suggests enhanced El Ni~no global impacts in localized areas [2016-07-20]
Gauged STU Supergravity from 11 Dimensions [2016-07-20]
F-theory and Particle Physics [2016-07-20]
Holographic Single Field Inflation [2016-07-18]
Do recommender systems benefit users? [2016-07-13]
Recommendations based on deep learning: From Movie To Video [2016-07-08]
Observability Transition, Depth-1 Percolation and Dominating Set on Networks [2016-07-06]
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