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Impact of Nuclear Weak Interactions on Supernova Dynamics and Nucleosynthesis [2016-10-26]
Holographic description of 2D conformal block in semiclassical limit [2016-10-26]
Progress on continuous-time dynamic cavity method [2016-10-21]
原子核的配对态 (Nucleon-pair states in atomic nuclei) [2016-10-10]
Multiple-scale stochastic processes: decimation, averaging and beyond [2016-10-04]
CHY-framworks at one loop [2016-09-28]
Conformal bootstrap in various dimension [2016-09-26]
Resilient Infrastructure [2016-09-22]
Holographic Weyl semimetal [2016-09-22]
Stochasticity and robustness in S-phase duration from genome replication kinetics [2016-09-13]
Effective Description of Black Holes via Hydrodynamics [2016-09-08]
Evolution of Stubbornness [2016-09-08]
Recent stop searches at the LHC [2016-09-06]
Isovector and isoscalar pairing in low-lying states of atomic nuclei [2016-09-01]
Maxwell Displacement Current Analysis for studying carrier dynamics in organic films [2016-08-31]
Study on a model of loop-induced neutrino masses [2016-08-30]
Proton spin decomposition from the lattice QCD [2016-08-30]
Axion, axion like particles (ALPs) and cosmic Bose-Einstein condensation [2016-08-30]
Statistical theory of light-nucleus reactions with 1p-shell light nuclei involved in [2016-08-26]
Production of superheavy nuclei in hot fusion reactions [2016-08-24]
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