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Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin Space [2017-05-10]
三氧医学:疗效与困惑 [2017-05-09]
Nonstandard interactions at neutrino oscillation experiments [2017-05-09]
Scale Invariance in Heavy Hadron Molecules [2017-05-05]
Resonances from vector-meson scattering? [2017-05-05]
Introductory seminar on nonlinear dynamics of DNA [2017-05-05]
Holography for Boundary Conformal Field Theory [2017-05-03]
Self-bound droplets of a dilute gas [2017-04-26]
Hydrodynamics of Quantum Vortices in Two Dimensions [2017-04-26]
Holographic description of entanglement entropy and conformal block in $AdS_3/CFT_2$ [2017-04-26]
Higgs-top coupling at LHC and Higgs factories [2017-04-21]
Study of Low-Lying Baryons with Hamiltonian Effective Field Theory [2017-04-13]
Chiral matter: hydrodynamics and holography [2017-04-12]
Story of my 35-year research regarding organic films: Development of Maxell-displace current meas... [2017-04-08]
Duality between 2+1d conformal field theories: theory and numerics [2017-03-31]
Validity of EFT for physics beyond the SM [2017-03-28]
Combing the Horizon Fluff: Logarithmic corrections to black hole entropy from horizon fluff proposal [2017-03-28]
Correspondence between genus expansion and \alpha' expansion in string theory [2017-03-28]
高精度测量Th-229核光钟跃迁计划 [2017-03-28]
CDCC calculations of total, complete and incomplete fusion for reactions of 6Li with 144Sm and 154Sm [2017-03-27]
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