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Nonlinear elasticity of semiflexible filament network [2017-02-09]
Asymptotic Symmetries and Soft Theorems [2017-01-19]
Integrable line defects and entanglement entropy [2017-01-17]
Superconformal Bootstrap in Five Dimensions [2016-12-28]
Intra-city quantum communication via thermal microwave networks [2016-12-28]
From actinides to superheavy nuclei: covariant density functional theoretical perspective [2016-12-22]
Projective Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes [2016-12-14]
Studies of τ decays into η(‘) mesons [2016-12-09]
Hadron physics in effective field theory [2016-12-09]
6d SCFTs and Calabi-Yau manifolds [2016-12-07]
dS space and Tachyon [2016-11-23]
Multi-photon scattering and bound states [2016-11-22]
Light Force induced Line Distortions in Laser Spectroscopy [2016-11-18]
Physics of the Cosmological Collider [2016-11-16]
Witnessing entanglement without entanglement witness operators [2016-11-10]
Light Degrees of Freedom from String/M theory framework [2016-11-09]
Gravity with the Gauss-Bonnet term : Black Holes and Cosmology [2016-11-09]
Higher Spins & Strings [2016-11-09]
Approaches to Inflationary Cosmology [2016-11-04]
复杂系统中的几何模型 [2016-11-03]
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