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自洽集体坐标方法及其应用 [2004-12-18]
重离子融合反应中的几个问题 [2004-12-13]
核物质中的1S0道对关联 [2004-12-08]
Twistor几何与Penrose对应(1—6) [2004-11-23]
Effect of tensor couplings in a relativistic Hartree approach for finite nuclei [2004-11-23]
1. Remarks on Renormalization theories in QFT
2. Introduction to Algebraic Structures in the B...
Applications of Quantum Physics in Semiconductor Heterostructures and Devices [2004-11-09]
Quantum Information Processing with/without Entanglement [2004-11-08]
Phase modes of two tunneling coupled planar atomic condensates [2004-11-05]
A New Approach to Monte Carlo Simulations in Statistical Physics and Beyond [2004-11-02]
Turing Systems as Models for Pattern Formation in Nature [2004-11-02]
Biophysical Studies of Protein Molecules: How and what we can understand such complicate system f... [2004-10-27]
Cosmological evolution of a ghost scalar field [2004-10-26]
High temperature superconductivity near disorder driven metal-insulator transition [2004-10-26]
Quarkonium production at modern colliders in view of the k_T-factorization approach [2004-10-20]
Frustrated Antiferromagnets in a Magnetic Field [2004-10-20]
Production of triply heavy baryons in e+e- annihilation [2004-10-18]
π-轻核双电荷交换与核结构 [2004-10-13]
Protein Folding and Protein Structure Prediction
The search for a superfluid phase of a cold Fermi gas near a Feshbach resonance [2004-09-28]
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