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Multiquark Hadrons - A New Facet of QCD [2016-10-24]
从墨子到“墨子星”/ From Mo Zi to the Mo Zi Satellite [2016-09-13]
Search for Muon to Electron Conversion at J-PARC - the COMET Experiment [2016-08-04]
Search for new physics at LHC and dark matter detections [2016-07-15]
Terasaki Ramps: A Glimpse into the Geometrical Architecture of the Cell [2016-07-15]
Disorder effects and “antifragility” in Coulomb fluids [2016-06-08]
Modelling Bacterial Motility [2016-06-08]
A personal Perspective on Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience: Past, Present and Possible ... [2016-04-29]
Miracle of 3D and 2D topological Phases of Quantum Matter [2016-04-26]
Weak Measurement: a peephole into the quantum world [2016-04-21]
Reverberation Mapping Supermassive Black Holes for Cosmology and Target of Gravitational Waves [2016-04-14]
Quantum criticality with two length scales [2016-04-01]
Ubi materia, Ibi geometria: Unification, superstrings & Calabi-Yau manifolds [2016-01-12]
Geometric effects on Bloch electrons [2015-07-23]
String Theory and Cosmology: New ideas meet New Experimental Data [2015-04-16]
Modern String Theory Confronts Particle Physics and Black Holes [2015-05-20]
The Strong Correlation Problem in the “Standard Model” [2015-01-08]
Warped Compactifications, AdS/CFT and the LHC [2014-10-28]
Phases of Strongly Interacting Matter [2014-07-31]
The World in Eleven Dimensions [2014-06-13]
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