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Axion-like particle with a monodromy potential and a cosmological implication [2018-08-10]
Transverse Momentum Resummation for t-channel single top quark production at the LHC [2018-08-09]
QCD axion and small scale inflation [2018-08-06]
Coarse-grained modeling for 3D structure and stability of RNAs in salt solutions [2018-08-03]
(Seminar) USES of String Field Theory [2018-08-03]
(Seminar) Understanding conformal gravity amplitudes [2018-08-01]
(Seminar) Contributions of repulsive and attractive interactions to orientational order in liquid... [2018-07-31]
(Seminar) F-theory classification program and beyond standard model physics [2018-07-26]
(Seminar) Detection and Localization of Gravitational Waves from Binary Coalescence [2018-07-19]
(Seminar) What if dark matter clusters? [2018-07-17]
Quantum Yang-Mills problem and implications in QCD and Quantum Gravity [2018-07-12]
(Seminar)Testing NRQCD with Quarkonium Produced in Jets at the LHC [2018-07-06]
(Seminar)Probing the Dark Universe with Compact Inspiraling Binaries [2018-06-28]
(Seminar) Motion BiomarkerS DESCRIBING NEURO DEVELOPMENT [2018-06-20]
(Seminar) Quantum Annealing of NP-hard problems, and constructing concrete "hard instances" [2018-06-19]
(Seminar) Relativistic Brueckner-Hartree-Fock calculations in finite nuclear systems [2018-06-15]
(Seminar) Macroscopic dark matter: six flavor quark matter [2018-06-14]
(Seminar) Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis in 2D CFT and its implication to AdS/CFT [2018-06-13]
(Seminar) Direct Solutions of IBP Systems [2018-06-05]
(Seminar) Preliminary Study of Three Bosons System in the Finite Volume [2018-06-01]
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