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Brownian Shape Evolution in Nuclear Fission [2014-04-11]
Some topics in loop quantum cosmology ---引力联合讨论班之三十八 [2014-04-04]
Improving Contact Prediction Along Three Dimensions [2014-03-28]
Cosmic Trinity: Modified Gravity, Interacting Dark Energy and Warm Dark Matter---引力联合讨论班之... [2014-03-28]
Thermalization in heavy ion collisions from holography [2014-03-27]
Jet Substructure by Accident [2014-03-26]
Some Discussion of Darkon and Neutralino Type Dark Matter [2014-03-25]
Split Dirac Supersymmetry [2014-03-24]
New physics in Higgs distributions [2014-03-21]
Constraining and Detecting Dark Photon [2014-03-18]
Gravitational collapse and thermalization in the hard wall model---引力联合讨论班之三十三 [2014-02-28]
Beyond the SM Higgs [2014-02-27]
Spectator mechanism and CMB power asymmetry [2014-02-24]
Localization of disordered bosons and magnets in random fields [2014-02-21]
Quantum group symmetry breaking:unifying symmetry enriched (topological) phases---引力联合讨论班... [2014-02-21]
How many new particles do we need after the Higgs ? [2014-02-12]
Fate of the 2HDM after the LHC8, Planck and LUX2013 [2014-01-15]
A holographic model of SQUID [2014-01-14]
Dynamical holographic QCD model for hadron spectra and quark matter---引力联合讨论班之三十一 [2014-01-08]
Holographic Entanglement Entropy and Strong Subadditivity [2014-01-07]
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