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(Seminar) A Review on Loop Quantum Gravity [2019-03-06]
(Seminar) Stationary phase approximation to path integral based on time-dependent mean field [2019-03-06]
Amplitudes Meet Cosmology [2019-03-06]
(Seminar)How to glue a spacetime from entanglement wedges [2019-03-01]
Quantitative analysis of tensor effects in the relativistic Hartree-Fock theory [2019-02-27]
Bi-local Holography [2019-02-27]
(Seminar) Nonlinear sigma model approach to many-body quantum chaos [2019-02-19]
(Seminar) Current status of the first-row CKM unitarity [2019-01-30]
Electroweak Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from a Complex Singlet Scalar [2019-01-25]
(Seminar) Determination of resonance properties from the lattice energy levels using chiral effec... [2019-01-24]
Effect of the hyperon coupling constants on the properties of the massive neutron stars [2019-01-22]
(Seminar)Fast Radio Bursts and Their Origins [2019-01-14]
(Seminar) Non-equilibrium effective field theory and its derivation from gravity [2019-01-08]
(Seminar) Cosmological relaxation of electroweak hierarchy [2019-01-07]
(Seminar) Electroweak relaxation of cosmological hierarchy [2019-01-07]
(Seminar) Quintessence Saves Higgs Instability [2019-01-07]
(Seminar) Application of qq-characters [2019-01-04]
(Seminar) The Leptonic CP Phases: Dirac and Majorana [2019-01-04]
(Seminar) Hadron structure in 1+1D QCD [2019-01-03]
(Seminar) 三代探测器时期的引力波源定位及其宇宙学应用 [2018-12-20]
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