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A Non-Compact Braneworld in String Theory [2015-06-15]
Covariant density functional theory beyond mean field and applications to the neutrino-less doubl... [2015-06-10]
Optical Conductivity as a Window into Mottness in the Cuprates [2015-06-05]
EOS of strange quark matter and MR relation of strange stars in an enhanced version of QCD pertur... [2015-05-26]
Transformative A_4 Neutrino Mixing [2015-05-19]
Phenomenology of low-energy flavour models: rare processes and dark matter [2015-05-15]
Effective field theory for spacetime symmetry breaking [2015-04-27]
Quantum Gravity Constraints on Dark Matter and Inflation [2015-04-23]
Natural inflation and the Weak Gravity Conjecture [2015-04-23]
SL(2,C) Chern-Simons theory, quantum curves, and 4d quantum geometry [2015-04-17]
BF Theory and Entropy of Isolated Horizons [2015-04-10]
Differential geometry and algebraic topology of biomolecules [2015-04-07]
Recent progress of the study of dielectric polarization of organic layers by Optical second harmo... [2015-04-07]
Theory of nucleon and nuclear EDMs [2015-04-03]
SUSY Implications from WIMP Annihilation into Scalars at the Galactic Centre [2015-04-03]
Detecting Dark Matter at the LHC [2015-04-03]
Role of Anomalous Quark-Gluon Chromomagnetic Interaction in Hadron Physics [2015-03-23]
Nuclear structure and dynamics at the limits of nuclear existence [2014-12-10]
Higgs Gravitational Interaction and Higgs Inflation [2014-12-03]
Generalised Kontsevich Matrix Model and Schur polynomials [2014-11-28]
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