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Nuclear structure and dynamics at the limits of nuclear existence [2014-12-10]
Higgs Gravitational Interaction and Higgs Inflation [2014-12-03]
Generalised Kontsevich Matrix Model and Schur polynomials [2014-11-28]
Pfaffian application in the beyond mean-field calculations for quantum many-body systems [2014-11-25]
Efficient simulation of long-range models: principle and applications [2014-11-24]
Inflation from fermionic matter interacting with a gauge field [2014-11-20]
Modeling Mechanical Properties of DNA: Allosteric Protein Binding, Loop Formation, and Longitudin... [2014-11-14]
Reaction mechanisms involving weakly bound nuclei at energies close to the Coulomb barrier [2014-11-03]
Searching for Top Squarks at the Large Hadron Collider [2014-10-31]
Pair Production in Charged Black Holes [2014-10-24]
Computational Inhibitor/Vaccine Design from Small molecules, peptides to proteins [2014-10-24]
Supernova Bounds on the Dark Photon Using its Electromagnetic Decay [2014-10-23]
Collider signature and Astrophysics Constraint of Goldstone Bosons [2014-10-21]
Improved scission-point model for description of fission [2014-10-17]
Higgs-flavon mixing and LHC phenomenology in a simplified model of broken flavor symmetry [2014-10-14]
Simple effective interaction: infinite nuclear matter and finite nuclei [2014-10-14]
Particle shape and polar order in soft condensed matter systems [2014-09-30]
NNLO calculation with one cut-off method [2014-09-26]
Visualization of carrier motion in organic film and polarization in organic Langmuir monolayer by... [2014-08-31]
Symbol: A new toy? [2014-08-21]
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