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Geometric theory of flavor, naturalness of 126 GeV scalar and the Gigantic International Hadron C... [2014-07-11]
Community Structural Risk of Interdependent Networks [2014-07-04]
Current status and future development of FDC [2014-07-04]
Higgs Physics @ 100 TeV [2014-06-27]
A coarse-grained framework of spiking neuronal networks: Between homogeneity and synchrony [2014-06-27]
Super-renormalizable & Finite Gravitational Theories [2014-06-26]
Seeking Lorentz Violation from the Higgs [2014-06-20]
Cluster approach to the structure of heavy nuclei [2014-06-20]
Selected topics on nuclear high-spin states in covariant density functional theory [2014-06-18]
Positioning of microtubule organizing centers in a confined geometry [2014-06-13]
Recent developments in computing loop amplitudes [2014-06-12]
Parton Distributions at High Energy Colliders [2014-06-09]
Effective Field Theory of Cosmic Acceleration: EFTCAMB [2014-06-06]
Black holes, entanglement & random matrices [2014-06-04]
Detecting Stealthy BSM with SM Measurements [2014-06-04]
A Holographic Model of Heavy-Light Mesons [2014-06-03]
"Probing light Neutralino Dark Matter at the LHC" [2014-05-20]
Automation of Next-to-leading Order Computations with MadGraph5_aMC@NLO [2014-05-08]
Exploring AdS/CFT and cosmology with matrix model [2014-05-07]
Microscopic Understanding of Energy-Dependent Collective Potential and Friction Parameter in Fusi... [2014-04-28]
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