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2016年诺贝尔物理学奖解读 [2016-12-03]
大核科学装置的现状与展望 [2016-12-03]
China and the Future of Fundamental Physics [2016-10-19]
生物罗盘的量子相干机制 [2016-05-26]
探索宇宙的超级望远镜:SKA [2016-03-25]
超越爱因斯坦广义相对论的引力量子场论与量子暴胀宇宙 [2016-01-25]
加速器驱动核能与科学前沿研究 [2015-06-25]
Has (the) Majorana really returned? [2014-07-10]
宇宙学与基础物理 [2013-11-29]
Period Integrals, Counting Curves and Mirror Symmetry [2013-08-13]
A Statistical Preference for A Vanishingly Small Cosmological Constant in String Theory [2013-07-30]
Particle Physics in 1970s — From Chaos to Paradigm [2012-08-16]
DARK MATTERS [2011-06-03]
Computing with Quantum Knots: Majorana Fermions, Non-Abelian Anyons, and Topological Quantum Comp... [2011-06-03]
Exploring quantum matter with the coldest objects in the universe [2009-10-14]
Quantum Geometry [2009-09-03]
Interplay of theory and computations in science ---examples drawn from theoretical studies of rea... [2009-08-06]
From CKM and Neutrino Mapping Matrices to the Theory of Timeon [2009-06-02]
Black Holes: the Harmonic Oscillators of the 21st Century [2009-04-07]
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