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彭桓武前沿科学论坛--COLLAPSE MODELS--Stephen L. Adler [2018-02-02]
彭桓武前沿科学论坛--量子力学诠释问题--孙昌璞 [2018-02-01]
2nd Young Scientists’ Forum on Theoretical Physics and Interdisciplinary Studies [2018-02-01]
(Seminar)Modular Constraints on Conformal Field Theories with Currents [2018-01-31]
彭桓武前沿科学论坛--量子超统一场论--吴岳良 [2018-01-30]
(Seminar)Chaotic Scattering in Quantum Systems With and Without Time-Reversal Invariance [2018-01-24]
(Seminar)Inferring the large-scale structure of weighted networks [2018-01-19]
(Seminar)太极计划数据分析系列报告之六:Inferring the population properties of binary neutron star... [2018-01-10]
(Seminar)All-Order Volume Conjecture for Closed 3-Manifolds from Complex Chern-Simons Theory [2018-01-10]
(Seminar)The ab initio numerical tool Multi-Configuration Time-Dependent Hartee method (MCTDH): F... [2018-01-09]
(Seminar)Dynamics of meson-baryon systems with strangeness -2 and Cascade resonances [2018-01-08]
(Seminar)Higgs-Anomaly Mediation: a simple setup with interesting phenomena and flavor safety [2018-01-05]
(seminar)New Insights on Low Energy pi N Scattering Amplitudes [2018-01-04]
(Seminar)Covariant chiral perturbation theory: recent applications to one-baryon sector and heavy... [2018-01-04]
Ground state 23Na40K molecules in an optical lattice [2018-01-04]
(seminar)Thouless bandwidth formula in the Hofstadter model [2017-12-29]
(seminar)Dynamical quantum phase transitions in non-Hermitian lattices [2017-12-29]
(Seminar)Three-body reaction theory in a model space [2017-12-27]
(Seminar)Three-body reaction theory in a model space [2017-12-27]
(Seminar)Bottom-quark Forward-Backward Asymmetry, Dark Matter and the LHC [2017-12-25]
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