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2nd Young Scientists’ Forum on Theoretical Physics and Interdisciplinary Studies [2018-02-01]
Intrinsic Time Quantum Gravity and the Unique Initial State of the Universe [2017-10-27]
Quantum Seiberg-Witten periods at strong coupling [2017-10-25]
Three-body dynamics in scattering and in finite volume [2017-10-24]
Rho-Rho interaction in unitary chiral perturbation theory revisited [2017-10-24]
Controlling symmetry and localization with an artificial gauge field in a disordered quantum system [2017-10-24]
ALP miracle: a simple unification of inflation and dark matter [2017-10-20]
Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically on Manifolds with Arbitrary Topologies [2017-10-13]
Deforming PSL(n,R) Hitchin component and Goldman symplectic form [2017-10-11]
Inelastic thermoelectricity: new opportunities in an old field and beyond [2017-09-28]
Boundary Hamiltonian theory of 2D topological orders [2017-09-27]
Right-handed neutrino dark matter in U(1) extensions of the Standard Model [2017-09-27]
Dipolar molecular states in harmonic waveguides [2017-09-26]
A Strange Metal from Gutzwiller correlations in infinite dimensions : Transverse Transport, Optic... [2017-09-26]
Effect of pairing correlations in two-neutron transfer reactions [2017-09-26]
Open-closed rational conformal field theories [2017-09-20]
FFLO pairing correlation and Free Fermi liquids in 1D attractive Hubbard model [2017-09-13]
a 0 (980)-f 0 (980) mixing in χ c1 → π 0 f 0 (980) → π 0 π + π - and χ c1 →π 0 a 0 (980... [2017-09-12]
Higgs Boson Physics [2017-09-07]
Large N_c limit QCD and symmetry preserving truncations for DS and BS equations [2017-09-06]
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