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A model of bremsstrahlung photons in nuclear reactions [2015-12-16]
One-Loop Automation with FeynRules/MadGraph5_aMC@NLO: UFO@NLO, BSM@NLO, EW@NLO and Loop-induced [2015-12-11]
Quantization of black holes by analogy with hydrogen atoms----引力理论联合讨论班系列报告之一百零一 [2015-12-10]
Some thoughts on amplitudes [2015-12-08]
RNA-sequencing to map transcription starts and RNA processing in bacteria [2015-12-07]
Black hole complementarity and firewalls! [2015-12-03]
Novel BPS Wilson loops in three dimensional quiver super-Chern-Simons Theories [2015-11-26]
Correlated properties of the doped Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice-引力理论联合讨论班系列报... [2015-11-19]
An introduction to Jarzynski equality and other Fluctuation Theorems-引力理论联合讨论班系列报告之... [2015-11-19]
Testing the nature of resonances in B, D, Lambda_b weak decays and pentaquarks of hidden charm [2015-11-18]
A glass-to-glass transition in low-temperature glasses: numerical detections of the Gardner trans... [2015-11-18]
Black holes from the early universe [2015-11-17]
Introduction to Superstring Amplitudes [2015-11-16]
f(T) 和 f(R) 理论中的 Hojman 对称性 [2015-11-13]
Light charged particles emission in spontaneous ternary fission of 252Cf [2015-11-13]
Inertial mass of nuclear collective motion derived by the adiabatic self-consistent collective co... [2015-11-09]
A static thin shell wormhole colliding with a thin shell [2015-11-05]
Dynamical description of fission [2015-11-05]
Quantifying low-energy fusion dynamics of weakly bound nuclei [2015-11-05]
Second random-phase approximation applied to nuclei: A beyond-mean-field model for low-lying stat... [2015-11-04]
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