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  Research Activities
(Seminar) local excitations in amorphous solids [2021-05-18]
(Seminar) Recent progress in cosmological collider physics [2021-05-12]
(Lunch Seminar) Computation with Tensor Networks [2021-04-20]
(Seminar)Designing the Morphology of Separated Phases in Multicomponent Liquid Mixtures [2021-04-15]
(Seminar)Test on Edwards volume ensemble of tapped granular packings [2021-04-02]
(Seminar) The Secret Higgstory: Cosmological Signals of the Standard Model [2021-03-23]
(Seminar) Integration of molecular modeling, machine learning, and high performance computing [2021-03-22]
(Seminar) An introduction to the Sound Speed Resonance Cosmology [2021-03-18]
(HAPOF)Observation of new resonances decaying to J/ψK+ and J/ψ phi [2021-03-12]
(Seminar) Level statistics and Anderson delocalization in two-dimensional granular materials [2021-03-12]
(Soft Matter and Biophysics Seminar) Bioinspired Colloidal Motors for Biomedical Applications [2021-03-02]
(Seminar) Galilean-invariant XEFT [2021-01-29]
(Seminar) Replica Symmetry Breaking for mixed p-spin glass models [2021-01-21]
(Seminar) Lefschetz Thimble Path Integral and its Application to Spin-Foam Model [2021-01-13]
(Online Seminar) Integrability for Feynman Integrals [2021-01-06]
(Seminar) Peierls bracket and gravitational dressing in Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity [2020-12-23]
(Colloquium)快速射电暴的物理起源 [2020-12-17]
(Online Seminar) An Operator Product Expansion for Form Factors [2020-12-16]
(Seminar) Homological methods in quantum field theory [2020-12-09]
(Seminar) Statistical physics approaches to the complex Earth system 统计物理理论在复杂地球系统的... [2020-12-08]
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