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Dynamical description of fission [2015-11-05]
Quantifying low-energy fusion dynamics of weakly bound nuclei [2015-11-05]
Second random-phase approximation applied to nuclei: A beyond-mean-field model for low-lying stat... [2015-11-04]
Introduction to Scattering Amplitudes (lecture I & II) [2015-11-03]
Tensor Network States for strongly correlated quantum many-body systems-引力理论联合讨论班系列报... [2015-10-29]
Hierarchical feedback modules and hubs of bionetworks through graph decomposition [2015-10-26]
The breakup threshold anomaly of weakly bound systems around the Coulomb barrier [2015-10-22]
Testing the Standard Model with the lepton g-2 [2015-09-30]
Potts Antiferromagnetism in Two and Three Dimensions [2015-09-21]
Effective Field Theory with CAMB [2015-09-17]
Evolution of Low-Energy Nuclear Collective Excitations [2015-09-17]
Entanglement Entropy (Conical Entropy) in String Theory [2015-09-16]
Optimizing relativistic energy density functionals: covariance analysis [2015-09-16]
The new results from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) [2015-09-11]
Non-Hermitian Optics: Parity-Time Symmetry----- from Microcavities to Flying Atoms [2015-09-01]
Study of Electric contact electrification of Organic Films by using Electric field Induced Optica... [2015-08-29]
Introduction on Juelich-Bonn coupled channel approach for meson-baryon reactions [2015-08-28]
Charming penta-quark states [2015-08-28]
Theoretical models for exotic nuclei [2015-08-27]
Understanding water’s anomalies by a two-state model [2015-08-17]
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