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(Seminar) Nuclear Incompressibility: Does It Depend on Nuclear Structure? [2019-07-09]
(Seminar) Gravitational Waves in the Axion-Like Particle Model [2019-07-05]
(Colloquium) Hadron interactions in Lattice QCD [2019-07-05]
(Colloquium) Higgs Boson Physics [2019-07-04]
(Colloquium)The social life of heavy quarks [2019-07-04]
(Seminar) The First Law of Complexity [2019-07-04]
(Seminar) Detecting light dark matter with superfluid helium. [2019-06-17]
(Seminar) Computational methods for the dynamics of the nonlinear Schroedinger/Gross-Pitaevskii e... [2019-06-06]
Comparative study of the effect of resonances of weakly bound nuclei 6,7Li on fusion with light t... [2019-06-06]
Imaging of triboelectric charge distribution induced in polyimide film by using optical second-ha... [2019-06-01]
Positivity bounds in effective field theories [2019-05-22]
(Colloquium) Quantum Thermodynamics: Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Open Systems [2019-05-13]
(Seminar)Intrinsic Topological Superconductivity Induced by Textured Magnetic Order [2019-05-10]
Irreversible Markov Chains for Particle Systems and Spin Models: Mixing and Dynamical Scaling [2019-04-29]
(Colloquium)Search for New Phyiscs Under The Higgs Lamppost [2019-04-26]
(Seminar) X-ray quantum optics with nuclei [2019-04-25]
Improving measurement on Higgs-gluon effective coupling [2019-04-24]
(Seminar)Cosmic censorship conjecture: Some recent developments [2019-04-24]
(Colloquium) Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Progress and Prospects [2019-04-16]
研究生高级课程:拓扑绝缘体、弦微扰论基础、机器学习基础及其在物理中的应用 [2019-03-26]
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