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(Seminar) The Normal Neutrino Mass Hierarchy is Exactly What We Need! [2019-11-12]
(Conference) 2019 KLTP-BLTP Joint Workshop on Physics of Strong Interaction [2019-11-06]
(Seminar) Supersymmetric Landau-Ginzburg Tensor Models [2019-11-06]
(Seminar) Analytic Form of the Three-loop Four-gluon Scattering Amplitudes in Yang-Mills Theory [2019-11-04]
(Seminar)Suggestion for examination of a role of multi-chance fission [2019-11-01]
(Seminar)Simplified dark matter models with loop effects in direct detection and the constraint... [2019-10-22]
(Seminar) Inflationary Entangled Quantum Initial States [2019-10-21]
(Seminar) The electroweak effective field theory from on-shell amplitudes [2019-10-11]
Visualizing Metabolic Activities in Tissues and Animals with High Resolution Vibrational Imaging [2019-10-10]
(Conference) China-Japan Collaboration Workshop on “Nuclear Mass and Life for Unravelling Myster... [2019-10-09]
2019 International Workshop on Glass Physics [2019-09-25]
(Seminar) The inner structure study of the Zc states [2019-09-12]
(Seminar) Electroweak Precision Measurements at Hadron Colliders [2019-09-11]
(Seminar) Complementary test of the model by the synergy between measurements of gravitational wa... [2019-09-05]
(Seminar) A hybrid LBM-DEM numerical approach with an improved immersed moving boundary method fo... [2019-09-03]
(Seminar) Stringy Effects at Low-Energy Limit [2019-09-03]
(Seminar) Higgsino Dark Matter in a Non-Standard History of the Universe [2019-09-02]
(Seminar) Fine-tuning of the cosmological constant is not needed [2019-08-29]
(学术会议)School on Low-Energy Strong Interactions [2019-08-24]
(Seminar) Exploring gluonic structure of the nucleon from lattice QCD [2019-08-23]
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