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  Lunch Seminar
Studies of Nano, Chemical, and Biological Materials by Molecular Simulations [2009-08-21]
浅谈Friedberg-李政道对称性 [2008-05-27]
The Dark Matter Constraints on the Left-Right Symmetric Model with Z_2 Symmetry [2008-05-20]
The guiding stars for physics beyond the standard model: Higgs boson and dark matter [2007-11-27]
The rational parts of one-loop QCD amplitudes [2007-07-17]
Phase string theory for high-Tc superconductors [2007-05-15]
Astrophysics with TeV photons [2007-05-08]
Cosmological studies of weak lensing effects [2007-04-17]
拓扑量子计算 [2007-01-23]
Hadrons from Holography [2006-12-19]
A Pedestrian View of Global Warming [2006-11-28]
Large extra dimensions: implications to dark matter direct detection [2006-08-08]
中微子望远镜 [2006-07-11]
Effects of Higgs in Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian [2006-05-31]
“舟行不觉”和暗宇宙 [2006-05-22]
Recent Progress in Studying Lightest Scalar Resonances [2006-05-16]
Implications for new physics from charmless hadronic B decays [2006-05-09]
界面附近的原子自发辐射 [2006-04-25]
Quantum Information under the Spell of Renormalization Theories of QFT [2006-04-18]
Weak gravity conjecture in the asymptotically dS and AdS background [2006-04-11]
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