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The 2013 annual meeting of the strategic development ... [2013-03-12]
The 2013 annual meeting of the strategic development committee of ITP was successfully held from 12th Mar. To begin with,Academician Zhongcan Ouyang,Chairman of the strategic development committee delivered a welcome speech to experts and leaders. Then Bingsong Zou,director of ITP made a brief introduction of strategic development committee,and gave an annual report about th...
Research Activities More
   The 8th IUPAP International Conf... (2014.06.20)
   Brownian Shape Evolution in Nucl... (2014.04.11)
   Some topics in loop quantum cosm... (2014.04.04)
   To Revolutionize Particle Physic... (2014.03.28)
   Improving Contact Prediction Alo... (2014.03.28)
   Cosmic Trinity: Modified Gravity... (2014.03.28)
   Thermalization in heavy ion coll... (2014.03.27)
   Jet Substructure by Accident (2014.03.26)
   Some Discussion of Darkon and Ne... (2014.03.25)
   Split Dirac Supersymmetry (2014.03.24)
   New physics in Higgs distributions (2014.03.21)
   Constraining and Detecting Dark ... (2014.03.18)
KITPC Talks More
   Dark Matter and New Physics (2013.08.19)
   Mathematical Methods from Physics (2013.07.22)
   Cosmology after PLANCK (2013.07.15)
   Small system nonequilibrium fluct... (2013.07.01)
   Advanced Molecular Simulation Met... (2013.06.10)
   Complex Dynamics in Granular Systems (2013.05.18)
   Clustering Aspects in Nuclei (2013.04.01)
   Molecular Junctions (2012.12.03)
   Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (2012.09.03)
   Critical behavior of lattice mode... (2012.07.24)
   From nucleon structure to nuclear... (2012.06.11)
   The First Two Years at the LHC (2012.06.04)
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