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The 2013 annual meeting of the strategic development ... [2013-03-12]
The 2013 annual meeting of the strategic development committee of ITP was successfully held from 12th Mar. To begin with,Academician Zhongcan Ouyang,Chairman of the strategic development committee delivered a welcome speech to experts and leaders. Then Bingsong Zou,director of ITP made a brief introduction of strategic development committee,and gave an annual report about th...
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   2nd Young Scientists’ Forum on ... (2018.02.01)
   Intrinsic Time Quantum Gravity a... (2017.10.27)
   Quantum Seiberg-Witten periods a... (2017.10.25)
   Three-body dynamics in scatterin... (2017.10.24)
   Rho-Rho interaction in unitary c... (2017.10.24)
   Controlling symmetry and localiz... (2017.10.24)
   ALP miracle: a simple unificatio... (2017.10.20)
   Solving Einstein's Equation Nume... (2017.10.13)
   Deforming PSL(n,R) Hitchin compo... (2017.10.11)
   Inelastic thermoelectricity: new... (2017.09.28)
   Boundary Hamiltonian theory of 2... (2017.09.27)
   Right-handed neutrino dark matte... (2017.09.27)
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