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General Affairs Office

The General Affairs Office is responsible for coordination of important activities, institute stamp management, logistics, infrastructure, etc.

An, Huimin (Chief of Office)

Zeng, Ying (Deputy Chief of Office)

Xu, Longtao

Li, Rongbing

Zhang, Xiaoling

Huang, Xin


Tel: +86-10-62554447

Fax: +86-10-62562587


Scientific Office

1. Assistance in formulating and implementing the long-term development plan of the institute;

2. Formulation of rules and regulations related to scientific research.

3. Management of scientific research projects and funding;

4. Management of scientific research achievements, awards and archives;

5. Management of research platforms, including the Key Laboratory of the Frontier in Theoretical Physics (KLFTP) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Huan-Wu Peng Innovation Research Center for Theoretical Physics (PCTP);

6. Management of international exchange and cooperation;

7. Management of academic activities;

8. Management of science outreach;

9. Assistance in the Academic Committee and the Strategy and Development Committee of the institute.

Zhuang, Ci (Chief of Office): In charge of the office; in charge of research funding, long-term development plan of the institute and assistance in Committees.


Feng, Minzi (Deputy Chief of Office): In charge of academic activities, exchange and cooperation, science outreach and research platforms.


Wang, Li: Visitor reception and affairs relating visiting abroad, secretary of Academicians of CAS.


Fang, Xiao: International cooperation, academic activities and science outreach.


Tang, Xin: Research funding.


Wang, Yan: Research Funding and academic activities.



Personnel & Education Office

The Personnel & Education Office is responsible for personnel service, salary management, and graduate education management.

Ms. Guo, Shuting (Deputy Chief of Office): Talents recruitment, Personnel and salary management, etc.


Ms. Shi, Ping: Postdoctoral affairs, Degree Administration, Social insurance, etc.


Ms. Sun, Yaning: Graduate admissions, Courses, Scholarships, etc.



Finance Office

Finance Office is responsible for financial management. The office's responsibilities are as follows:

1. Preparation of financial statements under prc gaap;

2. Vouchers auditing and posting in arp for all reimburstment, accounts receivable, trading and not-trading accounts payable and procurement of properties;

3. Pay salaries, bonuses and calculate the tax returns to all kind of income;

4. Asset Management within the institute;

5. Contact with the higher authority for financial statements accounting upon all general accounting affairs;

6. Cooperation with other functions on general accounting affairs.

Kong, Weiyue (Chief of Office)

Tel: +86-10-62561823


Wang, Yan

Tel: +86-10-62561823


Meng, Yijun

Tel: +86-10-62561823



Information & Technology Office

1. Network security and confidentiality of the institute.

2. Planning, construction, operation, and management of: a) the institute network and other basic IT environment including central computer rooms; b) the institute information systems and data resources including the official website; c) HPC Cluster; d) institute public service (conference, email, ARP, etc.) systems. 

3. Management of the user accounts and internal IT resources, plus the related technical training and support.

4. Subscription, construction, and management of print and digital resources.

5. Services on document delivery, inter-library loan, and also departmental archives arrangement and collecting.

6. Other tasks assigned by the institute directors.

Yang, Yibo (Chief of Office): Overall work of the office: Office planning, scientific research equipment project, joint laboratory, etc.

Tel: +86-10-62582510


Lu, Binbin: Library and information, departmental archives, scientific data, etc.

Tel: +86-10-62568349


Zhao, Ze: Informationization work; ARP system, computing platform, network and its security, central computer rooms, public IT equipment, intranet, email, website, video conference, etc.

Tel: +86-10-62541867



Editorial Office of the journal Communications in Theoretical Physics

The Editorial Office of the journal Communications in Theoretical Physics is responsible for the publication work of this journal, with the instructions of the Editorial Board of the journal. The contact E-mail address is

Wang, Bolin (Chief of Office): Responsible for the daily management work of the Editorial Office as well as some of the journal's editorial and publication work.

Tel: +86-10-62551495

Lei, Yingke: Responsible for some of the journal's editorial and publication work.

Tel: +86-10-62541813

Liu, Jin: Responsible for some of the journal's editorial and publication work.

Tel: +86- 10-62541813