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Cai, Ronggen Professor

Gravitational Theory and Cosmology

Chen, Kun Associate Professor

 Condensed matter field theory and Numerical methods

Chen, Yuqi Professor

Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter

Gao, Yuanxiang Research Associate

Theories and Mechanisms of Spatial Learning and Spatial Memory of Neural Network Systems

Gong, Zheng Associate Professor

Plasma, accelerator physics, kinetic turbulence

Guo, Fengkun Professor

Low-energy strong interaction, Hadron spectroscopy, Effective field theories

Guo, Zongkuan Professor

Gravitational Theory, Astrophysics and Cosmology

He, Song Professor

QFT and string theory, especially scattering amplitudes and applications to particle physics, gravity, mathematics etc.

Huang, Qingguo Professor

String Theory and Cosmological Structures

Jin, Yuliang Professor

Soft matter, Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

Li, Li Professor

Black hole physics, Gauge/gravity duality, Gravity and cosmology

Li, Tianjun Professor

Collider Physics, Particle Physics, Supersymmetry, Grand Unified Theory, String Phenomenology, Cosmology, etc.

Li,Wei Professor

Correlated Quantum Many-body Physics

Li, Wei Professor

quantum field theory, quantum gravity, and string theory

Liu, Chun Professor

Particle theory, High scale supersymmetry model on fermion masses, Neutrino physics, Heavy quark physics

Ma, Jianping Professor

Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter

Meng, Fanlong Professor

Theoretical Soft and Active Matter Physics

Pan, Deng Research Associate

Granular Matter, Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Solids

Pan, Junqiao Research Associate

Atomic, Molecular and Optical physics

Kotetes, Panagiotis Associate Professor

Topological Phases of Matter, Unconventional Superconductivity and Magnetism, Mesoscopic Systems and Hybrid Devices, Anyon-Based Quantum Information

Pi, Shi Associate Professor

Inflationary cosmlogy, Cosmological perturbation theory, Theory of gravity and the stochastic gravitational wave background

Qin, Shaojing Professor

Condensed Matter Physics

Shi, Hualin Professor

Statistical physics, Systems biology, Physical biology

Shi, Tao Professor

quantum physics, quantum informaion, and interactions of light and matter

Song, Hao Associate Professor

Quantum Many-body Physics, Topological Phases and Quantum Error Correction, Fracton Models

Song, Ningqiang Associate Professor

Dark matter, Neutrino, Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology

Tian, Chushun Professor

Nonlinear Science, Theoretical Biophysics and Bioinformatics

Wang, Dongsheng Associate Professor

quantum computation and quantum information

Wang, Shaojiang Associate Professor

Gravitation and cosmology(inflationary cosmology, gravitational-wave cosmology, particle-physics cosmology, galactic cosmology)

Wang, Weikang Associate Professor

Biological Physics, Computational and Systems Biology 

Wang, Yanting Professor

Theories and Simulations of Soft Matter and Biophysics


Wang, Yingdan Professor

Quantum Physics and Quantum Information

Wu, Jieqiang Associate Professor

Quantum gravity and Black Hole Physics

Wu, Xianxin Associate Professor

Unconventional Superconductivity, Topological Phases of Matter

Wu, Yueliang Professor

Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter

Xie, Qiong Research Associate

Theoretical Soft Matter Physics

Yang, Gang Professor

Quantum field theory, String theory, Mathematical physics

Yang, Jinmin Professor

New physics beyond the standard model, Supersymmetry, Dark matter, Higgs boson, Application of machine learning

Yang, Yibo Professor

Lattice QCD simulation of the hadron structure and PDF, the non-perturbative and perturbative renormalziation, and related algorithm

Yi, Su Professor

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical physics; Quantum physics and Quantum information

Yu, Jianghao Professor

Effective field theory, Origin of masses and origin of matter, Higgs physics and electroweak phase transition, Dark matter and neutrino cosmology, Non-equilibrium quantum field theory

Zhang, Pan Professor


Statistical physics and complex systems, machine learning, quantum physics and quantum computation


Zhang, Tiantian Associate Professor

First-principle calculation, Topological band theory

Zhou, Haijun Professor

Nonlinear Science, Theoretical Biophysics and Bioinformatics

Zhou, Sen Professor

Strongly correlated electron systems, Unconventional superconductivity, and topological phases in condensed matter

Zhou, Shangui Professor

Theoretical nuclear physics

Zhou, Yong Research Associate


Zhou, Yufeng Professor

Quantum Field Theory and Microscopic Structure of Matter

Zou, Bingsong Professor

Hadron physics, Medium and high energy nuclear physics