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太极计划数据分析系列报告之二:Theoretical issues related to data analysis of space-based gravitat... [2017-08-18]
Role of Heavy Quark Symmetry in Pentaquark Production [2017-08-16]
The observed Omega_c^0 resonances as pentaquark states [2017-08-09]
Testing general relativity and black hole physics with gravitational waves [2017-08-03]
Microscopic study of induced fission dynamics of 226Th [2017-07-28]
QCD Resummation for BSM [2017-07-27]
Pre-inflationary universe in loop quantum cosmology [2017-07-26]
CHY Off-Shell and Loop Amplitudes [2017-07-25]
Holographic Spinor Amplitude [2017-07-24]
Holographic Particle Physics [2017-07-24]
Indirect Search Aspects of Right Handed Neutrinos [2017-07-20]
Physics-Finance Nexus: A Short Survey [2017-07-10]
Evanenesnce, Curvature^2, and the Anomaly in N=4 Supergravity [2017-07-05]
New recursive relations for multi-trace Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes [2017-06-29]
On Little String Theory [2017-06-28]
Percolation framework to describe El Ni?o conditions [2017-06-28]
Generalized Wilson-Fisher critical points from conformal symmetry [2017-06-14]
Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves [2017-06-13]
Coulomb artifacts and matching in lattice NRQCD [2017-06-12]
South Africa Astronomy project, bilateral collaboration, and its brief history [2017-06-12]
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