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Quantum criticality and duality in the SYK/AdS2 chain [2017-11-29]
Some applications of integral geometry in AdS/CFT correspondence [2017-11-22]
Fusion-Fission Probabilities, Cross Sections &Structure Notes of Superheavy Nuclei [2017-11-22]
Effects of quadrupole-octupole shapes on nuclear collective and isomeric properties [2017-11-22]
Evolution of reflection asymmetric deformation with angular momentum in heavy nuclei [2017-11-17]
Painleve VI surfaces [2017-11-15]
走向统一的自然力(续) [2017-11-10]
Primordial black holes from ultra-slow-roll inflation [2017-11-10]
太极计划数据分析系列报告之五:高频引力波数据处理 [2017-11-09]
Renormalization Group Approach to Matrix Models [2017-11-08]
Intrinsic Time Quantum Gravity and the Unique Initial State of the Universe [2017-10-27]
Quantum Seiberg-Witten periods at strong coupling [2017-10-25]
Three-body dynamics in scattering and in finite volume [2017-10-24]
Rho-Rho interaction in unitary chiral perturbation theory revisited [2017-10-24]
Controlling symmetry and localization with an artificial gauge field in a disordered quantum system [2017-10-24]
ALP miracle: a simple unification of inflation and dark matter [2017-10-20]
Solving Einstein's Equation Numerically on Manifolds with Arbitrary Topologies [2017-10-13]
Deforming PSL(n,R) Hitchin component and Goldman symplectic form [2017-10-11]
Inelastic thermoelectricity: new opportunities in an old field and beyond [2017-09-28]
Boundary Hamiltonian theory of 2D topological orders [2017-09-27]
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