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Boltzmann Equation and Nanosecond Dynamics
2012-04-19     Text Size:  A
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Boltzmann Equation and Nanosecond Dynamics
2012-04-19 PM 16:00 Thursday
Conference Hall 322, ITP/理论物理所322报告厅

Theoretical physics on classical dynamics played a pivoted role in industrial revolution in England during the middle of the 18th Century. It also played very important roles in the development of large scale chemical industry, electrification, and modern science and technology through the founding of statistical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and relativity.

We are in a critical stage having to depend heavily on fossil fuel and nuclear fission. Release of tremendous quantities of CO2 leads to globe warming. Oil leaks damage environment, and fission leads to nuclear disasters and large amount of radio active by-products. It was recognized in early 1950s that thermo nuclear fusion is a most promise way to save us from further damages and catastrophes. Now sixty years later, the controllable thermo nuclear reaction is still not in sight. It might take another fifty years.

The heart of fusion inabilities arises from non-linear Boltzmann differential and integration equation. We could not experimentally observe how the stability of fusion plasma evolves to instability and chaos in discrete and sequential time frames under Boltzmann equation.

As technology advances, it is now feasible to experimentally observe the time evolution in steps of nanoseconds. The present talk will show that how we can overcome the barrier set by Boltzmann equation. A new theoretical physics of nanosecond dynamics will emerge for the eventual utilization of thermo nuclear fusion as our primary energy source.

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