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7th Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology
2013-02-18     Text Size:  A

From Feb.18 to 25, 2013, the “7th Asian Winter School on Strings, Particles and Cosmology” was taken place at Beijing.

The Asian Winter School on string theory and related subjects has been organized for the last 6 years. This school, a joint effort of 4 Asian countries: Korea, India, China and Japan, has grown into a well recognized annual event in Asian. The 7th school is hosted by Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The domestic organizer is Prof. Miao Li(ITP ), and Bin Chen(Peking Univeristy).

String theory aims to achieve a consistent and unified understanding of the gauge theory and gravity which are the basis of our understanding of particle physics and cosmology. It is the leading candidate for the ultimate unified theory of forces and matter. It has achieved a remarkable success to microscopically account for a certain class of the black hole entropy. The duality between gauge theory and gravity (AdS/CFT) has been very actively investigated recently, leading to applications to wider branches of physics. It is hoped that string theory may explain the origin and evolution of the universe. It has been indeed the case that cosmology poses very fundamental questions to string theory. We also note recent remarkable progress in our understanding of non-perturbative aspects of SUSY gauge theories and matrix models. LHC announced the discovery of a Higgs-like particle in July, and more experimental data will come by the end of this year. Also, the Planck satellite is planning to release its data in January of 2013, thus it is natural that this school will cover both topics, in addition to progress in string theory. 。(Please visit:http://awsspc.csp.escience.cn

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