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QFT, String Theory & Mathematical Physics
2010-06-07     Text Size:  A



From 2010-06-07 To 2010-08-13

International coordinators:


Shing- Tung Yau(Chair), Ke-feng Liu(Co-Chair), Amihay Hanany, Cumrun Vafa,Chongying Dong

Local coordinators:

Ke Wu(Chair), Chuan-Jie Zhu(Co-Chair), Bo Feng,Sen Hu,Shao-Bin Tan,Shi-Kun Wang,
Quantum field theory is the unification of quantum theory and special theory of relativity. It provides the framework for the standard model, a theory of all the observed forces (except gravity) of nature. String theory is the leading candidate for a unified theory of all the four forces. It yields a consistent theory of quantum gravity, at least in the perturbative, weak field domain. For several decades, quantum field theory and string theory have been the major sources of inspirations formathematics. There have been deep interactions between them with mathematics through algebra and geometry.

The aim of the proposed program is to bring together world experts working at the interfaces of QFT, string theory and mathematical physics. The program naturally divides into two parts: the first part (roughly the first 4 weeks) will focus on the fundamentals of string theory and recent development of string theory, and the second part (the last 4 weeks) will focus on the algebraic and geometric aspects in mathematical physics.

Topics of interest will include pure spinor superstring, flux compactification of string theory, twistor string theory and QCD amplitude computation, the representation theory of infinite Lie algebra and the generalized complex geometry, etc.
For details/reference, please link: http://www.kitpc.ac.cn/program.jsp?id=PS20100607
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