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Effective Field Theories in Particle and Nuclear Physics
2009-08-03     Text Size:  A



From 2009-08-03 To 2009-09-11

International coordinators


Geoffrey Bodwin, Nora Brambilla, Yu-Qi Chen, Estia Eichten, Mikko Laine, Antonio Pich, Miguel Angel Sanchis Lozano, Antonio Vairo, Bira van Kolck

Local coordinators

: Yu-Qi Chen,Yu Jia, Chun Liu, Cong-Feng Qiao,Qing Wang, Wen-Yu Wang, Hang-Qing Zheng, Hong-Shi Zong
The method of Effective Field Theories (EFTs) is an extremely general approach, and techniques developed in one context may find applications in solving many other physics problems.

The applications we concentrate on in this program (heavy quarkonium; soft collinear phenomena; light-quark systems; nuclear physics; finite-temperature and finite-density physics; electroweak interactions) exhibit the common trait of a challenging interplay between perturbative and nonperturbative physics.

It is therefore the main aim of the program to bring together leading world experts in all these fields in order to disseminate, for the benefit of the entire community, the insights that have been gained in specific applications.

Specifically the aims of this workshop are twofold:
* To open up new fields of application for EFTs, both for strong-interaction phenomena in particle and nuclear environments and for electroweak physics within and beyond the Standard Model.

* To tackle the existing open problems, either in the application of EFTs to theoretical calculations or in the comparison between
theory and experimental data.

One objective of such work is to prepare for the analysis of the new data that will be forthcoming from the experiments at LHC and BEPC II and later from experiments at a Super-B factory and the ILC.

For details/reference, please link: http://www.kitpc.ac.cn/program.jsp?id=PE20090720
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