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New Directions in Cosmology
2009-03-20     Text Size:  A



From 2009-03-16 To 2009-03-20

International coordinators



Local coordinators

Time: March 16 – 20, 2009 Beijing China

This international workshop is part of the KITPC 2009 program: Connecting
Fundamental Physics with Observations to be held during the period Feb 16 - Apr 30,
2009. (http://www.kitpc.ac.cn/Activities/main.aspx?id=66835673)
Among the topics:
New observational widows, new directions in dark matter and dark energy research,
new ideas in early universe cosmology…


Robert Brandenberger (McGill U.) Rong-gen Cai (ITP/CAS)
Richard Easther (YALE) Tan Lu (PMO)
Ue-Li Pen (CITA) Elena Pierpaoli (USC)
Joe Silk (Oxford Astrophysics)  

Key Participants:

Stefano Borgani (Trieste), Paolo Gondolo (Utah),
Bei Lok Hu (Maryland), Anupam Mazumdar (Lancaster),
Anze Slosar (Berkeley), Charling Tao (Marseille),
Richard Woodard (Florida)

Sponsors: Chinese Center of Advanced Technology and SciencesCCAST


For details/reference, please link: http://www.kitpc.ac.cn/scw.jsp?id=WN20090316

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