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A great honor [2018-12-06]
The 2013 annual meeting of the strategic development committee of ITP was successfully held [2013-03-12]
The 2012 ITP Academic Committee meeting held [2012-11-07]
The 7th National Advisory Board Meeting of KITPC [2012-11-05]
Zhan Wenlong met with Dr.Robert Conn [2012-09-29]
Chinese science education magazine publish news about the outreach program of KITPC [2012-08-15]
The outreach program of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics(KITPC) and the State Key Labo... [2012-03-29]
The 6th National Advisory Board meeting held at KITPC/ITP [2011-06-06]
Welcome Speech by Zhan Wen-long at IAC meeting of ITP/KITPC [2011-06-04]
Delegation of the Undergraduates from NTNU visited KITPC/ITP [2010-03-24]
Executive vice president of CAS Bai Chunli met with president of the Kavli foundation Dr. Conn [2009-12-17]
President of the Kavli Foundation Dr. Robert W.Conn visited KITPC and met with vice president of ... [2009-12-16]
The fourth meeting of the first International Advisory Committee has been held in ITP-CAS sucessf... [2008-12-02]
Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Professor M. Shamsher Ali, visited ITP,CAS [2008-11-24]
First Kavli Prizes to be awarded Tuesday, 9 September, presented by Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon... [2008-09-05]
The 3rd Asian Winter School on String Theory Jan. 7th-Jan. 17th 2009 [2008-07-08]
American Kavli Foundation Chairman and CEO Fred Kavli and the President, Mr. David Auston, visite... [2008-07-02]
2008 Complex Systems Summer Schools June 30-July 25, 2008 Beijing, China [2008-06-25]
Seven pioneering scientists receive the Kavli Prize [2008-05-29]
Nobel laureates S. Glashow visited the Institute of Theoretical Physics,CAS [2008-04-17]
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