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The 2012 ITP Academic Committee meeting held
2012-11-07     Text Size:  A

On Nov.7, 2012, the first session of new academic committee of ITP, was held in ITP. Director Zou Bingsong chaired the meeting and introduced rules of the Academic Committee and the obligations of members and announced the member list of the new Academic Committee.  The new members consists of 12 professors and academicians of ITP, and they are Cai Ronggen, Du Mengli, Li Miao, Ma Jianping, Ouyang Zhongcan, Su Zhaobing, Yang Jinmin, Yi Su, Yu Yue, Yu Ming, Zhang Zhaoxi, Zhou Haijun, and the director is academician Zhang Zhaoxi. Directors Zou Bingsong, Mu Kexiong, and Chen Xiaosong were present at the meeting

The meeting is mainly focusing on the following 7 topics:1the requirement of the Academy and the Bureau2the year-end summary and strategic meeting3the list  of Strategic Development Committee members4the working procedure for important project and achievements applications5High-level Talent Introduction6the open project of the SKLTP7The 2013 and 2014 programs of KITPC.

Members make detailed discussion for every topic. Finally, chairman of Academic Committee, Academician Zhang Zhaoxi proposes that every member make suggestions and contributions to the development of ITP academically and administratively.




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