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Are Amorphous Solids Elastic or Plastic? [2018-12-11]
Pseudospin Symmetry in Single Particle Resonant States [2013-03-24]
Gravity: fundamental or entropic? [2011-03-24]
Theoretical Study on Dark Matter [2011-02-24]
Single Photon Manipulation in Association with Quantum Zeno Effect [2008-11-20]
Stern-Gerlach effect for chiral molecular [2008-11-20]
Quantum phase diagram of ultra-cold dipolar Bosons [2008-11-20]
Progress in study of membranes [2008-11-20]
Research on the evolution of complex network structures [2008-11-20]
Spin Glass and Related Interdisciplinary Fields [2008-11-20]
Study on topological quantum computation [2008-11-20]
Study on Stability of Dark energy model [2008-11-20]
General Single Field Inflation with Large Positive Non-Gaussianity [2008-11-20]
Some Study on the Relation between Spacetime Dynamics and Spacetime Thermodynamics [2008-11-20]
Nuclear Physics research [2008-11-20]
Supersymmetric standard model and string theory [2008-11-20]
B meson dileptonic decays in the next-to-minimal supersymmetric model with a light CP-odd Higgs b... [2008-11-20]
AdS/QCD Models from a Back-Reacted Geometry [2008-11-20]
Left-right Symmetric Model [2008-11-20]
SO(3) Gauge Model for Neutrino Physics Masses and Mixing [2008-11-20]
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