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The First Academic Committee Meeting Held in 2023

SourceSeminar Jan 16,2023
On January 16, the first academic committee meeting of 2023 was held in  the Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP), CAS.

At the meeting, three senior professors and ten junior professors from home and abroad were selected as the Peng Huanwu visiting professors to be sponsored to visit the ITP for one to three months in 2023. The Peng Huanwu Visiting Professor Program is an important initiative of the Peng Huanwu Innovation Research Center for Theoretical Physics supported by the "Special Fund for Theoretical Physics" of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Visiting professors will join relevant scientific research teams in the ITP to carry out long-term cooperative research.

The committee members unanimously agreed that it is necessary to resume the organization of brand academic activities of the ITP in the post-epidemic era as soon as possible, such as the Peng Huanwu Forum on Frontiers of Sciences, Colloquium, lunch seminar, annual meeting of the CAS Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, workshops, summer school, etc.

Finally, the members conducted in-depth discussions on how to carry out organized, directional and systematic scientific research work. The opinions and suggestions of the academic committee will be incorporated into the work plan of the ITP in the next stage.