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The outreach program of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics(KITPC) and the State Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics(SKLTP)

Source Date of Publication:Mar 29,2012

Special Lecture one: Chaos and turbulence

The outreach program of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics(KITPC) and the State Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics are aims at opening up of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, making the best of KITPC’s good academic and scientific environment and talents, promoting the interaction between research and teaching, science research and popularization, contributing to the education and talent training course of China.


The first special lecture of outreach program was jointly held at Beijing Huiwen Middle school on Mar. 29th, 2012, with the joint efforts of the KITPC, SKLTP and Beijing Teenager Science and Technology Club. We invited Prof. Luca Biferale from UNIVERSITY OF ROME to give the special lecture entitled” Chaos and Turbulence”. Over forty third-year middle school students attended the lecture and benefited from it.




Through examples, flashes, stories and demonstrations, Prof. Biferale explained to the students what was Chaos and Turbulence. He told the students that Chaos and Turbulence phenomena wasnot only studied by scientists but also in our daily life everywhere. The Chaos and Turbulence Theory have lots of applications in weather forecast and disaster control. Prof. Biferale explained with terse and lively language the difference between Chaos System and Complex System, which made students to understand the importance of the Initial Condition to the development of Chaos System.


Students were deeply attracted by Prof. Biferale’s humorous way of giving a lecture, and had a preliminary understanding of Chaos System, and a deeper knowledge of chaos and turbulence phenomenon in everyday life. After the lecture, many students asked Prof.Biferale interesting questions and made a lot of communications with him.






After the lecture, Prof. Luca was very glad at students’ enthusiasm in science and answered every question with patience. He hoped that if he came to China next time he would give such lectures to students in Chinese. The vice director of education Administration of Huiwen Middle school, Mr. Yongjin Xu said: “It’s a great opportunity for students to broaden their vision, learn outside their text book and inspire their interest in science.” He hoped to have more opportunities to join such outreach program activities of KITPC/SKLTP in the future.


The special lectures of the outreach program of KITPC/SKLTP are held constantly during the scientific programs of KITPC. Scientists from all over the world participating in KITPC programs are invited to give such lectures and bring the frontiers of science to middle schools, high schools and universities in Beijing. The carryout of outreach programs provides the great support for high schools and universities to select talents and KITPC/SKLTP shall play an active and important role in scientific development and scientific talents reserve of China.