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The 4th NAB meeting of KITPC

Source Date of Publication:Jun 15,2009

 The 4th NAB meeting was held on June 9-10 in the Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort.  The director of ITP/KITPC, Prof. Yue-Liang Wu, the NAB members:Profs.Tao Han, Lu-Hua Lai, Hsiang-Nan Li, Ke-Feng Liu, Xiao-Wei Liu, Zhong-Zhou Ren, Henry Tye(Chair), Xiao-Gang Wen, Zheng-Yu Weng, Xin-Cheng Xie, Rui-Hong Yue, Li You and  ITP's representatives, Profs.Rong-Gen Cai, Xiao-Song Chen, Jian-Ping Ma, Chang-Pu Sun, Yue Yu, Hai-Jun Zhou, Chuang-Jie Zhu attended the meeting.

On the meeting, the  2010 program schedule of KITPC is fixed. KITPC will run four programs in 2010, they're:Progress in Spintronics and Graphene Research,QFT, String Theory & Mathematical Physics,Emergent behaviour of Biomolecular ensembles,AdS/CFT and Novel Approaches to Hadron and Heavy Ion Physics.

The NAB members and ITP's faculties paid a lot of efforts in discussing and selecting 2011 programs from the 33 program proposals worldwidely.  There're a lot of good proposals, more than the budget limitations allows to run. After heated discussinon, 8 program proposals are selected to be run in 2011, and at least one local professor is asked to be the coordinator for each of these 8 programs.