Chief Scientist of the Center for Gravitational Universe

Source May 08,2021


Post Description:  

  To establish the " Center for Gravitational Universe" is a key promotion plan in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS(ITP-CAS). The center will carry out research on key issues related to gravitation and cosmology such as the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the early universe and its evolution with domestic and foreign theoretical and experimental scientists, carry out international cooperation and cultivate outstanding young talents; at the same time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Class B pilot special project  led by the Institute of Theoretical Physics has also entered the critical stage, and there is an urgent need to cultivate and reserve a large number of young scientific research talents.  


  During the contract period (at least three years), the applicant should form a research team to carry out research work and international cooperation in the fields of gravitational waves and cosmology. At the same time, applicants should help the ITP-CAS introduce and train outstanding young talents.     

Candidate requirements 

    1. A doctoral degree in theoretical physics 

    2. Research field in gravitation and cosmology 

    3. A tenured faculty at a well-known university or institute 

    4. Rich experience in the organization and management of key scientific research projects 

    5. A good relationship and cooperation with domestic scientists in related fields,  be able to form a research team within a short period      

Please send your CV to: fangxiao@itp.ac.cn