Special Research Assistant Positions (2021) Available

Source Oct 31,2019

The Institute of Theoretical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITP-CAS) (http://english.itp.cas.cn) is calling for application for a few special research assistant (postdoctoral fellow) positions in 2021. Research areas include but not limited to: 1) Theoretical particle physics and nuclear physics, 2) Quantum field theory and superstring theory, 3) Gravitational theory, astrophysics and cosmology, 4) Statistical physics, theoretical biophysics and bioinformatics, 5) Condensed matter theory, 6) Quantum physics, quantum information and interaction between light and matter, 7) New areas of theoretical physics or related interdisciplinary fields. 

    The applicant must have obtained a Ph.D. degree in theoretical physics or other related fields and should be under 35 years old. 

    The successful applicant will be provided with competitive salary and renting assistance in Beijing. The most competitive applicants may be recommended to apply for the “CAS Special Research Assistant (SRA) Program”. Those who are included in the CAS-SRA Program will get a support of 400 thousand RMB per year covering the salary, insurance, research fund, etc. and may apply for the CAS talents program after finishing CAS-SRA.

    The applicant is encouraged to make contact with one of the ITP faculty members (http://sourcedb.itp.cas.cn/yw/zjrck/fas/) to secure a potential cooperator. Please include the cooperator’s name in the cover letter and the cooperator’s recommendation comments in the application form for special research assistant (postdoctoral fellow) if an agreement has been reached with an ITP faculty member.

    The application should consist of a completed application form for special research assistant (postdoctoral fellow), at least two references sent directly by referees (one should be from the Ph.D. supervisor of the applicant), and a list of publications with citations of each paper. These files (in PDF) should be sent to Ms. Ping Shi (postjob@itp.ac.cn) .

    The deadline for applications is December 31, 2020.