Research faculty positions available

Source Oct 17,2017

The Institute of Theoretical Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITP-CAS) (http://english.itp.cas.cn) seeks to fill multiple research faculty positions at both tenure-track and non-tenure levels. Research areas include but not limited to:  1) condensed matter theory; 2) gravitational theory, astrophysics and cosmology; 3) quantum physics, quantum information and interaction between light and matter; 4) theoretical particle physics and nuclear physics; 5) quantum field theory and superstring theory; 6) statistical physics, theoretical biophysics and bioinformatics. Applicants from other areas of theoretical physics or related interdisciplinary fields are also welcome.

A qualified applicant should have received a Ph. D. degree in theoretical physics or other related fields followed by proper postdoctoral research training and have already established an outstanding academic record demonstrating that he/she will have the ability of acting as a group leader to conduct independent and innovative research activities in the frontier of theoretical physics. Applicants with the desire and ability of developing new interdisciplinary research directions are particularly encouraged to apply.

To apply, the applicant should provide:

1) Cover letter, 2)  curriculum vitae, 3) a list of publications and citation times of each paper, 4) research statement, 5) research interests and future plan, 6) three to five representative publications, and 7) at least three recommendation letters (three letters from overseas scientists required for the “1000 Young Talent” program) sent directly by referees. All application materials should be submitted electronically as PDF files to Ms. Shuting Guo at facjobs@itp.ac.cn before Dec. 31, 2017. The applicants are preferred to apply through one of the following two Chinese talents programs:


The applicant should have received his/her Ph. D. degree within 5 years and have at least three consecutive years of overseas study or research experience, which can be a little shorter for extraordinary candidates.


The applicant  should be under 40 and have held a full-time research position in a well-known overseas university or research institute for more than 36 months after receiving his/her Ph. D. degree, which can be a little shorter for extraordinary candidates with a Ph. D. degree from an overseas university.  

However, outstanding candidates with an established academic record and promising research potential who are unqualified to the above two programs will also be considered. ITP-CAS has an international-level research environment and an efficient staff team specialized in serving theoretical physics research. Upon acceptance, the applicants will be provided with competitive startup fund, stipend and housing assistance in Beijing.