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A black hole toolkit

05/06 2024 Colloquium
  • Title A black hole toolkit
  • Speaker Amos Yarom (Technion)
  • Date 14:00 May 6, 2024
  • Venue 6620
  • Abstract
    I will explain how one can utilize our knowledge of the dynamics of an exotic class of black holes to solve seemingly unrelated problems in physics.


    Prof Amos Yarom received his PhD in 2006 under the Kreitman Fellowship. Prior to his faculty position at Technion in 2011, he held the postdoc positions first at Munich under the Minerva Fellowship and then at Princeton with Gubser. His research focuses on applying string theory and field theory techniques to a variety of systems ranging from heavy ion collisions through relativistic hydrodynamics, superfluids, steady states to entanglement. Due to his outstanding achievements, not only was prof Amos Yarom awarded Landau Prize but also the recipient of Allon Prize.


    Jie-Qiang Wu