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A holographic counterpart of entanglement island

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:Mar 14,2023
03/14 2023 Seminar
  • Title A holographic counterpart of entanglement island
  • Speaker Yu-Sen An (Fudan University)
  • Date 10:00, Mar.14, 2023
  • Venue ITP South Building 6620 Online:994-246-137
  • Abstract
    In this talk,I will first briefly introduce some basic background about AdS/BCFT correspondence, 2d JT gravity and entanglement island formula. After that, I will show how to obtain JT gravity on the fluctuating brane by directly doing partial dimension reduction of the 3d bulk AdS spacetime. After getting JT action and boundary Schwarzian dynamics, I will give further support of our partial dimension reduction proposal by calculating entanglement entropy. I will describe the defect extremal surface formula, which is a simple generalization of RT formula, and show that 3d defect extremal surface formula is the holographic counterpart of the 2d entanglement island formula.