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D ≥ 3 Carrollian Conformal Field Theory

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:Mar 10,2023
03/10 2023 Seminar
  • Title D ≥ 3 Carrollian Conformal Field Theory
  • Speaker Bin Chen (PKU)
  • Date 10:00 Mar.10, 2023
  • Venue 6620, ITP South Building
  • Abstract
    Carrollian conformal symmetry (CCS) appears as the asymptotic symmetry group of Einstein gravity at null infinity. It could play an indispensable role in studying the flat space holography, as shown in 3D flat holography. The higher dimensional CCS presents novel features. In this talk, I will introduce our recent work on higher dimensional Carrollian conformal field theory, including the representations of the algebra, the determination of 2-point correlators and the explicit construction of the Carrollian field theory through null reduction. 
    The talk will be based on two e-Prints: 2112.10514, 2301.06011. 
    Contact: Jie-Qiang Wu