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Holographic local operator quenches in BCFTs

11/25 2022 Seminar
  • Title Holographic local operator quenches in BCFTs
  • Speaker Takato Mori (KEK/SOKENDAI)
  • Date 2022年11月25日 10:00-11:00
  • Venue Zoom:856 8289 2251 密码:957697
  • Abstract

      I present a gravity dual of local operator quench in a two-dimensional CFT with conformal boundaries. This is given by a massive excitation in a three-dimensional AdS space with the end of the world brane (EOW brane). Due to the gravitational backreaction, the EOW brane gets deformed in a nontrivial way. I show that the energy-momentum tensor and entanglement entropy computed from the gravity dual and from the BCFT in the large c limit match perfectly. Surprisingly, this comparison avoids the folding of the EOW brane in an elegant way. This talk is based on a joint work, JHEP05(2022)060 [arXiv:2203.03851], with Tadashi Takayanagi, Tomonori Ugajin, Taishi Kawamoto, and Yu-ki Suzuki in the entanglement group at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics.

      An introduction of the speaker:Takato Mori is a final-year graduate student at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI, whose home institution is High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK). Takato has been working on entanglement in quantum field theory and many-body systems motivated by holographic duality. Takato is currently visiting Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics to investigate quantum information theoretic aspects of the AdS/BCFT correspondence.

      Contact: Wu Jieqiang