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Structure study of light superheavy nuclei

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:Sep 02,2022
09/02 2022 Seminar
  • Title Structure study of light superheavy nuclei
  • Speaker 贺晓涛 教授 (南京航空航天大学材料科学与技术学院)
  • Date 2022年9月2日 15:00
  • Venue 北楼202
  • Abstract

    Inspired by the newly discovered experimental data, the nuclear structure of the light superheavy nuclei are studied. The deformation, pairing, single-particle level structure and high-K isomers of the transfermium nuclei are investigated within the framework of the cranked shell model (CSM) with pairing correlation treated by a particle-number-conserving (PNC) method. Particular emphasis will be place on the effect of the deformation. High-order deformation \epsilon_6 plays an important role both in the single-particle orbitals and in the multi-particle states of the transfermium mass region. A reverse of the single-particle energy levels is resulted by including \epsilon_6 deformation, based on which the microscopic mechanism of the identical bands between Lr isotopes is explained. The reflection asymmetric octupole deformation is used to explain the variation of the rotational bands versus the rotational frequency in U and Pu isotopes. Based on the microscopic calculation of the nuclear binding energies by deformed relativistic Hartree-Bogoliubov theory in continuum, the possible existence of the bound nuclei beyond neutron drip lines are demonstrated in this mass region, which is driven mainly by the deformations. 


    联系人: 周善贵