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A hydrodynamic picture of domain wall velocities

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:Jun 28,2022
06/28 2022 Seminar
  • Title A hydrodynamic picture of domain wall velocities
  • Speaker Prof. Matti Jarvinen (APCTP)
  • Date 2022年06月28日 10:00
  • Venue Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 896 7103 6906 Passcode: 505276
  • Abstract

        Physics of domain walls and bubble nucleation is important especially in view of applications to the early universe and production of gravitational waves. I demonstrate that domain walls and their movement for a class of strongly coupled theories can be described in terms of a simple four dimensional "extended" hydrodynamic model. This model puts together perfect fluid description of the strongly coupled fluid with additional scalar field which is active near the domain wall. I go on analyzing the velocity of the moving domain wall, which is usually challenging and thought to incorporate out-of-equilibrium physics. I obtain a simple formula for the velocity essentially in terms of the equation of state and perfect fluid hydrodynamics.

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