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The piercing of a boson star by a black hole

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:May 17,2022
05/17 2022 Seminar
  • Title The piercing of a boson star by a black hole
  • Speaker 钟振 (CENTRA IST Lisboa)
  • Date 2022年5月17日 15:00
  • Venue 会议号:897 8508 5092 密码:487241
  • Abstract
    New light fundamental fields are natural candidates for all or a fraction of dark matter. Self-gravitating structures of such fields might be common objects in the universe and could comprise even galactic haloes. These structures would interact gravitationally with black holes, a process of the utmost importance since it dictates their lifetime, the black hole motion, and possible gravitational radiation emission. In this project, we study the dynamics of a black hole piercing through a much larger mini-boson star. As the black hole pierces through the bosonic structure, it is slowed down by accretion and dynamical friction, giving rise to gravitational wave emission. Since we are interested in studying the interaction with large and heavy scalar structures, we consider mass ratios up to ~10 and length ratios ~100. However, in all our simulations, the black hole accretes more than 95% of the boson star material, even if an initially small black hole collides with a large velocity. We also find evidence of a "gravitational atom" left behind as a product of the process.