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Spontaneous Radiation of Black Hole

02/16 2022 Seminar
  • Title Spontaneous Radiation of Black Hole
  • Speaker 曾定方 (北京工业大学)
  • Date 2022年02月16日 15:00
  • Venue ITP New Building 6420 Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 832 9812 2888 Passcode: 174253
  • Abstract
    We will discuss an explicitly hermitian hamiltonian description for the spontaneous radiation of black holes, which is a many-level, multiple-degeneracy generalization of the usual Janeys-Cummings model for two-level atoms.  We show that under single-particle radiation and standard Wigner-Wiesskopf approximation, our model yields exactly thermal type power spectrum as Hawking radiation requires. While in the many-particle radiation cases, exact numeric treatments allow us to follow the evolution of microscopic state of the black hole exactly, from which we can get the firstly increasing then decreasing entropy variation trend for the radiation particles rather naturally just as Page-curve predicted. Basing on this model description, we provide explanations for work logics of replica worm holes, especially the reason the density matrix of Hawking particles being non-diagonal.
    We will also introduce the basis of our hamiltonian description for hawking radiation, an atomic structure like picture for the microscopic state of black holes and the origin of their Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, that is, an exact solution family to the Einstein equation sourced by matters oscillating across the central point and its quantization. Such a semi-classic picture for black hole microscopics is not necessary for our spontaneous radiation model, but has its own advantages comparing with other alternatives, such as string theory fuzzball or brick wall models.