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Synchronization in biological filaments

SourceSeminar Date of Publication:Jan 13,2022
01/13 2022 Seminar
  • Title Synchronization in biological filaments
  • Speaker 满怡 助理教授 (北京大学工学院力学系)
  • Date 2022年1月13日 10:00
  • Venue 北楼322会议室
  • Abstract

    Locomotion is a fundamental characteristic of life and has been pervasive throughout the history of science and philosophy. Recent technological advances have made it extremely exciting time to explore the motion in the microscopic world, which leaves many interesting questions for biology, physics, mathematics and engineering, my research lies squarely at the intersection of theses disciplines. In this talk, I will focus on the eukaryotic flagella and present my recently work about the synchronization in biological filaments. Experiments revealed that a pair of isolated eukaryotic flagella, coupled solely via the fluid medium, display synchronization with different phase lags. Using an elasto-hydrodynamic filament model in conjunction with numerical simulations and a Floquet-type theoretical analysis, I show that it is possible to reach synchronization states with multiple phase lags by varying the intrinsic activity of the filament and the strength of hydrodynamic coupling between the two filaments. In particular I find that non-trivial phase lag corresponds to asymmetric synchronization even though the activity of the two filaments is identical. These novel results could have significant implications in the locomotion of bi-flagellated cells.