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ITP/SKLTP Adjunct Research Professor
2014-11-02     Text Size:  A

To promote the academic exchange and cooperation, attracting highly-qualified international scientists to work in ITP and make full use of the resource and platform of the State Key Laboratory of Theoretical Physics(SKLTP) and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics China(KITPC), ITP/SKLTP implements the Adjunct Research Professor Project. Physicists around the world are welcome to visit and work in our institute in an extended period. This plan is for scientists either currently or previously working in well-known universities or research institutes who wish to develop an effective long-term collaborative relationship with our institute. 


Eligibility Criteria:

1.Citizens from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau; Citizenship of a nation that has formal diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China

2.Hold a PhD degree, with academic standing as an Associate Professor, Professor or equivalent.

3.Had or will have a good relationship with ITP faculties.

4.The funding period is 1-3 years, scientists under the Plan should stay in ITP for at least a total of three months within 1-3 years.

5.ITP will provide each recipient with a grant to cover the recipient’s salary, daily living allowance, and health insurance, from 20,000 to 40,000 RMB (pre-tax) per month, the exact amount being determined according to the length of the visit and the academic level of the visitor.



We accept the application once every year on November ( for the next year). Please send your research CV and the research plan to Dr. Ci Zhuang, Email: zhuangc@itp.ac.cn before Nov. 30.



ITP Academic Committee is responsible for selection. The following factors will be given primary consideration in the review of applications:

1.The candidate’s research experience, past performance, and recent progress.

2.The originality, scientific significance and potential of the proposed research work with CAS.

3.The existing degree of collaboration between the candidate and ITP collaborator, the likelihood that the visit will lead to further collaboration, and the likely impact of the visitor’s research on the work of ITP.





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