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Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITP-CAS) is a fundamental research center for the basic core topics of theoretical physics and interdisciplinary research. Now it focuses mainly on the following six areas:

  1、elementary particle physics,quantum field theory and microstructure of matter

  2、superstring theory, unification theory, the evolution of the early universe

  3、gravitational theory and cosmology

  4、 condensed matter theory

  5、statistical physics and theoretical biophysics bioinformatics

  6、quantum physics, quantum information and the interaction between light and matter

Institute of theoretical physics (ITP) has many young outstanding researchers from home and abroad, many of them are winners of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars” of NSFC and members of “Program of One Hundred Talents of CAS”. Institute of theoretical physics became “the excellent center for post-doctoral studies” awarded by Ministry of Personnel in 2005.

The newly established Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITPC) has run programs on frontier of theoretical physics since the end of May 5th,  2007.  KITPC as a platform for international exchange of ITP, every year there will be hundreds of great scientists visiting it, so it offers great opportunities for you to make international exchanges. 

We welcome excellent doctors and post doctors working on theoretical physics and interdisciplinary area to apply for Post-doctoral positions of ITP. 

The new building of ITP will also provide good research environment for the post doctors.

Please Email us your resume, catalog of the thesis and two recommendation letters to wangsm@itp.ac.cn or post to:  Shu-Min Wang 

Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

NO.55 Zhongguancun east road, Haidian district, P.O. Box2735,Beijing.100080 Tel:010 62560951

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