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  • Name: Yu, Lu
  • Title: Professor
  • Office: 203
  • Fax: 010-62562587
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  • Phone: 82649325
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    Education and Appointments:

  • Lu Yu obtained the Diploma (Hons) in Physics from the Kharkov State University, former Soviet Union, in 1961. In the same year he joined the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing. In 1979 he moved to the Institute of Theoretical Physics and became a full professor in 1983. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University and University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1979-81, and has been a visitor to many leading institutions of higher learning worldwide. In 1986 he was appointed a research physicist at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, where he subsequently became the Head of the Condensed Matter Section. He was appointed as the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center of Theoretical Studies, CAS in 2002. Now he is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS. Lu YU was elected Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) in 1990, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999, Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2005.
    Lu Yu's field of research is Condensed Matter Physics. His contributions to the field include: prediction of a bound state in superconductors with magnetic impurities; higher-order calculation of critical exponents for continuous phase transitions in  e? (e= 4-d, where d is the space dimension) expansion; formulation of the topological boundary condition and dynamical relaxation theory of localized excitations in quasi-one-dimensional conductors; development of the closed-time path Green's function formalism for equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems; study of doping effects and gauge field theory of high-temperature superconductors, studies of low-dimensional quantum systems. He has published 3 books and over 180 research papers in internationally established journals.
    He has won the First Prize in the Progress of Science and Technology, CAS (1987), the First Prize in Natural Sciences, CAS (1999), the Second National Prize in Natural Sciences (2000), the ISI Classical Citation Award (2000), the Second National Prize in Progress of Science and Technology (2007), the 2007 John T. Tate Medal for International Leadership in Physics of the American Institute of Physics.
    Lu Yu’s current research interests include: high temperature superconductivity, strongly correlated electron systems, low-dimensional quantum systems, etc.
    He is currently an Associate Editor of Advances in Physics, a member of the IUPAP Commission on Statistical Physics (C3).

    Research Direction:

  • Condensed Matter Physics