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  • Name: Su, Zhaobing
  • Title: Professor
  • Office: 205
  • Fax: 010-62562587
  • Highest Education: Undergraduate
  • Phone: 010-62569351
  • Email:

    Education and Appointments:

  • 1958

    Zhao-Bing Su, Professor in Theoretical Physics, graduated from Physics department of Beijing University


    was elected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    1994 - 1998

    he was the director of Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS.

    His research involved the field of Radiate Hydrodynamics, Condensed Theory and Statistics Physics.

    For his outstanding contribution, he has won the First Prize in the Progress of Science and Technology, CAS (1987), the First Prize in Natural Sciences, CAS (1999), He-Liang-He-Li foundation science and technology progress prize (2000) and the Second National Prize in Natural Sciences (2000).

    His current research interests include strongly correlated multi-electronic system, mesoscopic system, low-dimension condensed system and unbalanced quantum statistics system.

    Research Direction:

  • Strongly correlated electronic systems, Low dimensional condensed matter systems, Non-equilibrium quantum statistical physics